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Highly gifted – and now?

Being gifted is no guarantee to be successful at school or in later life. The gifted child needs support to develop your talents and accept being different. Fast thinking, being creative or sensitive is not always a trait other children appreciate. Research has shown that gifted children often develop techniques that may help their social status and prevents them from becoming excluded or bullied.

Children who are highly intellectual can use short term solutions that may cause long term problems. The need to fit in may lead to low self esteem, depression, school avoidance or other difficulties.

With some coaching sessions I can help you and your child to look at possibilities to raise your childs self confidence, discover talents and develop a healthy way of being different.

I am looking forward to you! If you are interested please write me an Email or give me a call under: 0151 18451142

Coaching sessions will be held in my private practice in Lehel.

Anne Stöckert

You are interested in play therapy? Please contact me. We can find out together how I can help you and which way might be the best to improve your family situation.

Phone: +49 151 184 511 42

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