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Play Therapy

The importance of play

Play is the natural language of the child. Through play children discover themselves and the world around them. Play gives the child the possibility to try out different roles and play around with finding creative solutions for problems.

The use of play in therapy

In a supportive and safe environment, your child or teenager gets the opportunity to express personal experience through play. This helps them gain perspective and a new understanding of a previous experience.

Types of play materials

During therapy the child decides with which play or art materials he / she wants to spend time with. Depending on the age of the child, there are art materials, music instruments, a sandtray and miniatures, hand puppets, dressing up materials and domestic play materials.

Anne Stöckert

You are interested in play therapy? Please contact me. We can find out together how I can help you and which way might be the best to improve your family situation.

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