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Improve your family life without sailing to a secret island

It is not easy to stay calm and relaxed towards your children, spouse and yourself in everyday life. Often we are stressed, under pressure at work, or unsatisfied with our life in general.

How is it possible to stay calm, to keep our inner peace and humour? Would you like to know how to get a more relaxed and balanced family life?

During the workshop you will receive helpful advice, you will try new ways to react and you will get new input and ideas to explore further.

You can register under the following email address/website: , www.kindertherapiemuenchen.de or leave a message under 0151 18451142.

Location: If a group of 8-10 people are interested, I can offer the workshop at your company or organisation. Alternatively, it will take place in my private practice in Lehel (just off the underground station „Lehel”).

Duration: 3×2 hours and 2 individual coaching sessions (50 min. each).

Anne Stöckert

You are interested in play therapy? Please contact me. We can find out together how I can help you and which way might be the best to improve your family situation.

Phone: +49 151 184 511 42

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