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2023 – April 24

How Our Kids Can Reach Their Potential:

5 Very Important Parenting Skills

In this webinar we will explore five elementary skills, that will help your kids on their path to fulfill their potential. How can you identify the interests and talents of your child? How go about developing a growth mindset? What helps children stay committed to their tasks? And how can we bring in some lightness and positive in raising our children?

We are Barbara Saring and Anne Stöckert, two professionals in working with children for more than 20 years. Barbara brings in her learning expertise and Anne her psychotherapeutic experience. Are you ready to find out more about yourself and your child? Then we would like to welcome you on April, 24th at 7pm. The live Webinar will last 90min and handouts are included.

Cost: 30€ incl. VAT  book here

Anne Stöckert

You are interested in play therapy? Please contact me. We can find out together how I can help you and which way might be the best to improve your family situation.

Phone: +49 151 184 511 42

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